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Ponte di Mezzo, Parma, Italy - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Ponte di Mezzo in Pisa

Pisa | Italy Ponte di Mezzo over River Arno – late December. Check out the Italy section on Heredajo for more!    

Lucca Autumn

Lucca | Italy An autumnal Tuscan sky over Lucca, soft and gentle.  

Lucca’s Duomo

Lucca | Italy Cattedrale di San Martino.    

Lucca, Italy - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Lucca Rainbow

Lucca, Italy Late autumn in the magical town of Lucca in Tuscany.  

Autumnal Reflections

Oslo | Røyken  | Norway At the Vesledammen Lake in Røyken near Oslo.    

Airplane Wing Shot

Air | Space Somewhere between Brussels and Oslo, over Denmark perhaps. Thank you Ryanair!  

The village of Kastraki, Meteora Greece - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Meteora and the Adrachti Rock

Meteora, Greece The Adrachti Rock in the village of Kastraki is a monolith so perfectly placed in a ravine that you for a moment suspect someone put it…

Landscape (Ravenna)

Ravenna, Italy Fields near the village of Classe, just outside the city of Ravenna on the Adriatic coast.    

Comacchio - Canale Maggiore - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Comacchio in the Po Delta

Comacchio | Italy Water, sky and earth come together here in the Po Delta and along the canals of old Comacchio, or “Little Venice”. Once upon a time…