My name is Asgeir. Travelling, exploring the world and taking pictures have always been important to me. I vividly remember the first roll of film (as in analog photography!) and a photo I took of my brother while we were traveling on a coastal steamer in the north of Norway, where I grew up. My new-found passion: photography! Before long, I was a proud owner of my first ever camera, an Olympus house and a couple of lenses. At that time, words like exposure, ASA, Kodachrome and Ektachrome, not to mention darkroom (wow!) were part of the magic of photography.

It was the early days of Interrail train travel across Europe, and those unforgettable trips with friends or alone whetted my appetite for more travel and wander, and especially for Italy. My first long distance trip, however, took me to far away Japan where a whole new chapter began. I eventually started working in tourism in Oslo. Before I knew it a decade in the travel business had passed.

Thanks to the Internet and a latent artistic inclination, my life took a new direction just after the turn of the millennium. I started working independently as a web/graphic designer, as well as part-time tutoring at various media schools in the Norwegian capital.

A rekindled passion for photography combined with extensive travelling over the years – in Italy and France in particular – have opened my eyes to a whole new world. Amidst exceptional cultural richness and natural beauty I have come to realize how powerful and transformative our common heritage can be.

The Heredajo website is a fusion of all this. Please check it out if you are interested in travel, culture and history!


Asgeir Pedersen
Bordeaux, September 2017