Category: Abstract

Cologne Cathedral, Germany - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Cologne Spire

Cologne | Germany Looking up through the spire of Cologne Cathedral. Check out the Germany section on Heredajo for more!    

Airplane Wing Shot

Air | Space Somewhere between Brussels and Oslo, over Denmark perhaps. Thank you Ryanair!  

Love is in the air

Cervia | Italy A day at the ‘Aquiloni’ Kite Festival which takes place annually in Cervia near Rimini and Ravenna on the Adriatic Coast.  

Viva la vita!

Bologna | Italy (say no more!)    

Coffee Break on Superga

Turin | Piedmont| Italy Espresso time (Superga Hill) in Turin.    

Bandiera d’Italia

Turin | Piedmont| Italy The Italian flag, il tricolore, here on display in Turin following the 150 years anniversary of Italy as a unified nation (1861-2011). This photo…

Playground Colours

Oslo | Norway