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Oslo Opera House (10)

Oslo | Norway Light and lines at the Opera House in Oslo.    

Autumnal Reflections

Oslo | Røyken  | Norway At the Vesledammen Lake in Røyken near Oslo.    

Frozen Autumn Leaf - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Frozen Autumn Leaf

Oslo | Norway Cold weather with below zero temperatures over serveral weeks had turned the surface of the little lake nearby into solid ice, thick enough to walk…

Oslo Opera House (7)

Oslo | Norway On the roof of the Opera house in Oslo.    

Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Vigeland Sculpture Park in Oslo

Oslo | Norway The above photo is part of a ‘photo study’ of some of the sculptures which make up the large fountain in the Vigeland Sculpture Park….

Constitution Day Parade, Oslo, Norway - Photo: Asgeir Pedersen

Celebrating Freedom

Oslo | Norway Never mind the jests with the “Russ” in the photo, the 17th of May is the Constitution Day of Norway – a day to celebrate…

A hug at the Opera

Oslo | Norway A warm hug on the cool roof of the Opera house.    

Shimmering Oslo (Opera)

Oslo | Norway Looking down the Oslo Opera House rooftop.    

Pictures at the Opera

Oslo | Norway Oslo Opera House. For more about the art of taking pictures, see Travel Photography